Welcome to the Pinecrest Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Network Website.

MISSION:  To form a loosely organized volunteer group of Pinecrest winter snow users to develop a FREE, recreational, transportation network of cross country ski trails and snow shoe paths off of the plowed roads but with connections across the plowed roads in the Pinecrest/Strawberry Region of California.  This network of cross country ski trails and snowshoe paths will provide new recreational opportunities and open up new social and community related events enhancing winter time recreation for cabin overs, resort guests and day users  in the Pinecrest area.

Initially there will be 3 general areas of trails:

  • Pinecrest Cabin/Lake area
  • Connections to Strawberry and Strawberry Trails
  • Crabtree  /Experimental Forest Road (South of Dodge Ridge Rd)

Snowshoe options: Generally snowshoes can go almost anywhere you can walk/hike on when there is no snow on the ground offering many options!  It is probably not necessary that snowshoe’er stick to XC ski trails since you can generally hike on any trail in the Pinecrest area that you can walk in the summer. You can’t XC ski on every trail you hike on the during the summer.  One example might be the Pinecrest Lake Recreation trail (4 Miles) around the lake.  This is very possibly with snowshoes but basically impossible with XC skis.   Please see the special page about snowshoeing on this website.

Other local XC ski and snowshoe trails

There are two other areas that are within a short driving distance from Pinecrest for skiing and snowshoeing.

Dodge Ridge Area trails:

There already exists a marked set of XC ski trails near Dodge Ridge at the Crabtree and Gooseberry Rd trail heads.  We invite you review these trail options as well at the Pinecrest Nortic Ski Website map.

Herring Creek:

This is an excellent area for beginners.  Please view the other maps on this site for more information.  It is located about 3 miles east of Pinecrest on hwy 108.

More details are provided for longer trails.

Cross Country Skiing at Pinecrest, CA
Cross Country Skiing at Pinecrest, CA

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